Andres Cervilla

Andres Cervilla
Andres Cervilla
  • country:Costa Rica
  • region:Central America
  • style(s):Latin, Alternative
  • label:not signed
  • type:Composer/Songwriter
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:brass
  • artist posted by:Masterroom Music

Line up

  • Andres Cervilla (Trumpet, Music Producer)


- Andrés has been related to music and sound design from different fields. He has created the sound experience of festivals, the first recorded soundbank with musical instruments over 2000 years old, composed the original music for the official media in his country, has produced sound identities for brands and products of all kinds . In addition, he has played in 14 countries, and his work has been featured in important spaces such as the Gold Museum of Costa Rica, the National Theater of Costa Rica, the National Museum of Costa Rica, the Museum of Contemporary Art and Design, and the Museum of Costa Rican Art.

He began in music learning trombone at the National Institute of Music, and studied jazz and Afro-Caribbean music at the Puerto Rico Conservatory of Music. He is currently musical director of UachiMán, member of the Infibeat collective, member of the Panamanian band Señor Loop, collaborator of Jirondai and founder of the root music label Araima Records.