• country:Italy
  • style(s):Ethnic, Mediterranean
  • label:MESCAL
  • artist submitted by:Mescal


Torino, Italy, 1990. Three musicians, who come from different
experiences, join together to create a new band that would
rouse the Italian music scene with a revolutionary and ancient
kind of music. They are Luca Morino (voice and guitar), Fabio
Barovero (voice and accordion) and from Cameroon Bienvenu
Nsongan (djembè and percussions).

Their name is Mau Mau, a word that in the Piedmont dialect
defines tramps, immigrants, people who come from the south,
of Italy or of the world. But Mau Mau were also a liberation
group from Kenya that fought against the English colons in the

Since the beginning Mau Mau tried to play keeping the contact
with the people, without the dependence on any amplification
technologies. Their music is in fact an acoustic, raw, immediate
sound passion: different suggestions mix together and produce
a new language, a charming landscape that links the mountains
to the sea, and the sea to the opposite Mediterranean shores.

Out now the new CD " Dea"!!!
On tour on 2007