• country:Italy
  • style(s):Folk, Rock
  • label:Mescal
  • artist submitted by:Mescal


Passion, resistance, roots and innovation are the words that come to mind when describing Yo Yo Mundi, a five-piece band from Acqui Terme, a tiny spot on the hills and vineyards of Monferrato in the North of Italy.

Their musical journey is somewhere in between folk and rock. It’ s not easy to fit them in a genre because they often play with traditional as well as innovative sounds. The accordium is surely part of their sound in the best of folk traditions, although they are not your traditional folk band.

Yo Yo Mundi began their musical journey by writing a song inspired by the European cycle race Flèche de Wallonie. Their first record was co-produced by Brian Ritchie and had two eminent guests: Michael Brook (who worked with U2, Pogues, David Sylvian, Peter Gabriel, etc.) and Gordon Gano of Violent Femmes. They now have six records on their shoulders, among which the succesful live soundtrack of Strike, Ejzenstejn's first silent movie, and a huge history of live performances. Taking their music on the road is such a priority for them that they even played in Malaysa, as well as Switzerland, Austria and all the main music spots in Italy.