Helsinki-Cotonou Ensemble

Helsinki-Cotonou Ensemble


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Line up

  • Janne Halonen  (guitar, vocals)
  • Joakim Berghäll  (saxophone, vocals)
  • Kasheshi Makena  (percussion, vocals)
  • Mikko Pettinen  (trumpet, vocals)
  • Mikko Pöyhönen  (drums)
  • Noël Saïzonou  (percussion, vocals)
  • Sampo Riskilä  (bass)
  • Visa Oscar  (keyboard)


Finnish guitarist Janne Halonen, Beninois singer/percussionist Noël Saïzonou and the excellent ensemble continue their imaginative and wholly uplifting mix of Afro-beat and Afro-jazz, combined with soulful songwriting and super-tight funk-fusion improvisation.