Pekko Käppi

Line up

  • Pekko Käppi  (jouhikko)


The dark, richly harmonic, sublimely guttural sounds of the jouhikko – the Finnish bowed lyre – have been fuelling dance, story-telling, and trance-like states across the Baltic region expanses for centuries. Ethnomusicologist, runo-song researcher, member of the groundbreaking revivalists Jouhiorkesteri and album-award-winning solo artist Pekko Käppi now sets out to channel the spiritual energy of that legacy to connect modern urban displacement to the misplaced world of sentient nature. Pekko soars through extemporisations on the limitless minimalist possibilities of the electrified jouhikko, growling and crying through imposing swamp-blues grooves, hard-rock riffs, anthemic chants, polyrhythmic psychedelic incantations and shamanastic interventions. Bones and drones of the past reanimated in a shiny shroud of futuristic folklorica.


Pekko Käppi