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  • country:Spain
  • style(s):Folk, World Fusion
  • label:Mirmidón
  • type:Band
  • gender:male, female
  • artist posted by:Mirmidón Productions

Line up

  • ADAL PUMARABÍN (Percussions)
  • CARLOS HERRERO (Stringed instruments, main voice)
  • CÉSAR DÍEZ (Electric bass)
  • HÉCTOR CASTRILLEJO (Poetry, rhapsody, video art)
  • JAVIER MEDIAVILLA (Electric guitar)
  • MARÍA ALBA (Percussions, voice)


El Naán explores the ethnic roots of the tradition. Their powerful live performance becomes a rite where the most ancient rhythms and instruments come together with contemporary textures, ethnic music, jazz, folk ... A ritual of communion with the audience at which it joins the word, the image and the poetry to make it a fascinating, unique and exciting experience.

"Germinal" El Naán’s Fourth Album.
Keep going on the path of the Afro-Iberian sound of EL NAAN. After three albums in which we explore the ethnic roots of the tradition, in which we cultivate roots and wings, these 13 songs have now sprouted.
As always, the Iberian sound serves as the basis for digging and discovering that under our most indigenous humus there are black seeds hidden by our ancestors waiting to be watered.
Germinal are songs and they are poems; they are newborn rhythms and beats with great diversity because they are born from the trip as an attitude and as a metaphor. They are exotic and indigenous sounds at the time, coming from the Afro-Iberian territory, an unlikely tradition with the influence of the Sahara that crossed us, the Atlantic cliffs that saw us leave and return, or the indomitable essence of peasant and indigenous America.
Ancestral and contemporary sounds, with contributions from Jazz and the cathartic spirit of ethnic music. A bridge between the purest Iberian sounds and the universal ethnicity; between the most overwhelming simplicity of the Iberian tradition and contemporary power.
Germinal is surely twinned with root music from anywhere in the world, because it was born from the inspiration of popular and peasant music, which are linked together by an invisible, but indissoluble thread… Germinal is also poetry cultivated in Afroiberia, that territory to which we like to think that we belong, the one that unites the most ancient and pure sounds of the moors with the most pulsating blackness.
A no-place, a sound utopia that waters with verses and braided words, inspired by oral tradition and the old word, to access new places, to create new songs that preserve the ancestral and traditional spirit. Contemporary poetry with old wickers, building songs for today. Nothing new, nothing that the greats have not done; Lorca, Machado, Miguel Hernández, León Felipe ... "Mine is the ancient voice of the Earth"* (original: “mía es la voz antigua de la Tierra”).