Of Meta'a origins in the north west province of Cameroon,

LARRY FON LANTE (real name, Lawrence ANGEH TEBO FON), had always known he will be message bearer- a conscience awakener; though he never knew it will be through singing that he will prophesy.

Larry creates his first group LES ANTEBO, with the Franco-Camerounaise de Dschang (AFCD; the Dschang Franco-Cameroonian Alliance) while studying physics at the Dschang University in 1999.

Despite the numerous performances offered, LES ANTEBO is dissolved by 2002; The members of the group being totally made up of students nourishing ambitions other than that of professional musicians.

Larry and LES ANTEBO definitely have diverging ambitions.

Disappointed but not discouraged the folksinger carries on.

At the end of his first cycle University studies, Larry spends 06 months at the head of the French news desk at ABAKWA FM- a Bamenda private owned radio station, in the north west province of Cameroon; before following his mentor , the late folksinger CYRIL EFFALA to Yaounde and Douala.

It is in these towns that he meets a series of enriching experiences and is now at the head of a 4-7 man team of professionals musicians that see in the same direction as our FON