Cameroon s premier Reggae Artist
Silver New Release

Line up

  • SILVER (lead vocals)

Reggae s popularity in Africa is producing a new breed of young African Reggae Stars such as SILVER who got interested in Music at a tender age and embraced the profession while he was a student at the University of Yaounde. He released his debut album " Le SIDA TUE / AIDS IS A KILLER " on sept 23rd 2003 and delivered 100% of pure reggae in the form of 8 titled which was eligible at the UN and world Bank fight against songs , the song also attracted the Interest of French Producer Frank Samson who did a documentary airing in Europe .The Album was produced by "LA VILLAGEOISE" a renoun live music venue where the artist also staged and excelled as Artist Director ;SILVER just finished the recording of his Sophomore album titled "REGGAE BUSINESS " under the label Motherland Entertainment managed by Chembifon Muna To be released before the end of the year