Saulius Petreikis presents new album The Gate of Dreams

Sapnų vartai (The Gate of Dreams LP/CD)
Saulius Petreikis
Donatass Petreikis, photo Rytis Šeškaitis
Saulius Petreikis

On the 17th of November Lithuanian composer Saulisu Petreikis released a new album - Sapnų vartai (en. The Gate of Dreams)

“The Gate of Dreams is an album about escaping the rush and forgetting worldly troubles. Each composition, in its own way, guides the listener to a serene space where dreams warmly greet us.

“The album emerged from a desire to capture a state of tranquility, connecting deeply with oneself and cherished loved ones. My parents sang various lullabies to me during my childhood. These are among the most vivid memories I treasure. Now, at this phase of my life, I too sing lullabies and narrate fairy tales to my children. This is the most anticipated part of my day. Sharing moments, singing, and reading together offers a soothing escape. After my children drifted to sleep, I would spend nights in the recording studio, trying to freeze that delicate moment when there's no rush, where it's safe, peaceful, and heartwarming. Simply capturing melodies wasn't enough. I aimed to immerse myself in every composition, devoting time to the arrangements and introspection. This creative journey felt like a path to discovering a renewed musical self. After almost four years, one June morning, I was overjoyed realizing this album had reached its conclusion. I'm profoundly thankful to the musicians and the entire team who stood by me and contributed to this creation. My heartfelt thanks to all.” - S. Petreikis"

The album release is followed by 14 festive concerts in December around Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania.

Donatas Petreikis - acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass ukulele, arranger
Vytis Vainilaitis - drums
Vytautė Pupšytė - vocal
Saulius Petreikis - vocal picolo trumpet, hang, trombone, tube, flute, bass flute, whistle, bansuri flute, clarnet, kanklės, synthesizers, physharmonica, composer, producer.

8, 10 - Lithuanian folk lullabies
11- Dovilė Petreikienė
6, 9, 12 - Saulius Petreikis

Sound team
Normantas Ulevičius - mixing & mastering
Nojus Bartaška - sound engineer, arranger and back vocal

Graphic design - Ieva Vaivaraitė-Ošikienė
VšĮ Saulės muzika, 2023

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