Gerard Quintana

Gerard Quintana


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Gerard Quintana start his career in 1986 as a frontman of the band Sopa de Cabra . With this band he recorded 14 discs, 2 of them live. He became in one of the most famous frontmans in 90's. He start to participate in TV shows and radio program. After selling half a million discs, the band supports Tina Turner and Joe Cocker around all the concerts in Spain in year 1993. They got five gold disc (50.000 copies) and one platinium disc (100.000 copies). In 2002 the band break up with a million discs sold.
Gerard then starts a new career by his own in the end of 2002, he recorded his first album by his own "Senyals de Fum" under the Quimi's Portet (El ultimo de la fila) production. The second one in 2004 "Les Claus de Sal" and the third in 2006 "Per un tros de cel",that sold 35.000 units.
This brand new disc "Treu Banya" express the long trip between 1986 and nowadays with 17 tracks that thousand listeners are waiting for.


"Treu Banya" - Gerard Quintana