Report: Cameroon Music Opportunity

EN - Report: Cameroon Music Opportunity
FR - Cameroun, Opportunite de Musique

Cameroonian Music Agency Mutumbu in partnership with Indian Research and Media firm HiveWire™ present a deep dive report on the Cameroon music market titled, Cameroon Music Opportunity - A reflection of the past, Canvas for the Future.

Cameroon's music has historically been a melting pot of diverse ethnic and global influences, creating a unique blend of musical styles that have not only shaped the nation's cultural identity but has also left an indelible mark on the global music stage. From Michael Jackson’s sampling of Manu Dibango’s Soul Makossa, to Shakiras remake of Zangalewa by The Golden Sounds, etc, The recent international success of Libianca’s single ‘People’ has once again demonstrated Cameroon's potential to captivate audiences worldwide.

However, despite its historical contributions to global music, the Cameroon music industry like most of its counterparts in Africa continues to face significant challenges that prevent a proper industry ecosystem to be built at home and for export.

This report identifies key issues, including language and culture barriers, an education gap, funding and infrastructure deficits, and the need for talent and business incubation as well as proposing a pathway for the future.

The market research was led by Srishti Das, the CEO of Hivewire, assisted by Divine Verkijika the Managing Director of Mutumbu and edited by Mayuyuka Kaunda. French Translation by Othniel Mombel

The Report (English & French) can be accessed through the following links (from the 12/10/2023) )



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Hivewire is an independent music industry publication launched in June 2023 by Srishti Das. This dynamic newsletter offers a unique perspective on the music industry, focusing on emerging markets and the burgeoning music cultures gradually making their mark globally.

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article posted by:Divine Nyuyki Verkijika, Mutumbu