April Verch
Shetland Folk Festival 2013 (Photo: Dale Smith)
Shetland Folk Festival 2013 (Photo: Dale Smith)
Womex 2013 Selection
Newberry & Verch
April Verch & Cody Walters
  • country:Canada
  • region:North America
  • style(s):Roots, Appalachian Old Time
  • label:Slabtown Records
  • type:Small Ensemble, Duo
  • gender:female
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal
  • artist posted by:Near North Music

Line up

  • April Verch
  • APRIL VERCH (Fiddle - Vocals - Ottawa Valley Stepdancing)
  • CODY WALTERS (Bass - Clawhammer Banjo - Vocals)


A WOMEX 2013 Official Showcase Selection, April Verch steps, sings, and fiddles with a fresh and feisty approach to deep North American traditions.

At the heart lie Verch’s delicate voice, energetic footwork, and stunning playing, a trifecta of talents she brings together simultaneously to jaw-dropping effect. Even as she plays with the tradition she inherited in her native Ottawa Valley, Verch’s energetic and breathtaking performances speak to the heart of roots music with mature and reflective songwriting, interpreting, and storytelling.

April Verch performs as a duo both with husband Cody Walters or with banjo/guitar/vocals artist Joe Newberry.