• country:Norway
  • style(s):Experimental, Folk
  • label:NORCD
  • artist posted by:NYE NOR


With the three musicians of Utla there is
such variety which seems to bring a very
unusual and exciting angle not just to
Norwegian music but to the whole approach
to sound. Audiences in Edinburgh were
amazed and excited by them and spoke
about them the whole weekend. Karl
Seglem is such an imaginative musician. I
love the way his music makes me feel I'm in
a smokey jazz cafe one minute, and a
deserted valley the next.Truly haunting and

Fiona Talkington, BBC3, May 2003

The Herald:

“Norwegian trio Utla work in an area that
spans folk dance and free improvisation.
Playing Hardanger fiddle, multifarious
persussion, tenor saxophone and a ram's
horn, they create music conjuring up images
of crisp fjord air, medatitive country life, and
a village hall where rustics groove to a kind
of rural drum n' bass supplied by a jew's
harp virtuoso. 'A sight and sound you'll
never forget,' promised the brochure. Too
true. Wonderful.” Rob Adams.