Daniel Lewis
Daniel Lewis

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  • Daniel Lewis (piano)

‘...a truly fine musician... it took barely more than one or two acutely-drawn phrases to make it very clear that Mr. Lewis is precisely that sort of an artist... He plays Bach with obvious love and understanding... dexterity and crystalline lucidity... what a pleasure to hear such naturalness; and so little self-aggrandizing affectation! Also such a fine grasp of harmonic tension and linear movement.... he kept the spiritual message afloat and, when needed, airborne. ’
New York Concert Review

‘...he riveted the attention with his ability to project the individual lines with crystalline clarity... beautifully sculpted and delicately shaded... his rapid finger work was to marvel at, as was his solemn concentration in the g minor Adagio...'
Classics Today, New York

‘ ...his affinity with Bach was obvious... Lewis’s grasp of the contrapuntal complexities was evident. He set out the musical ideas with clarity, tracing lines and colouring voices thoughtfully and deliberately, building a solid architectural structure while articulating intricacies of chromatic harmony and rhythm.’
The Guardian, London

‘...richly satisfying... balance of powerful control and interpretive sensibilities... a wonderful clarity both of the harmonic sonorities and of the voice leading... a fearless artist.’
Musical Opinion UK

‘...quite wonderful! ...gorgeous singing quality and emotional connection’
Jed Distler, music critic, New York

‘...such consistently high quality of execution, such refinement of taste, and such strong idiomatic grasp of voicing, ornamentation and Affekt...’
David Fanning, music critic, Manchester

‘...incredible clarity... extraordinary in terms of both its aesthetic appeal and scholarly significance... Lewis artfully speaks Bach’s language with fluidity and conviction... '
Yo Tomita, Bach scholar

'...attention-gripping from start to finish.'
The Age, Melbourne