"Yury Revich - STEPS THROUGH THE CENTURIES" - Yury Revich

Yury Revich
Yury Revich - Steps Through the Centuries

Yury Revich is a young violinist taking the world by storm. He was announced as Young Artist of the Year at the 2015 International Classical Music Awards, where he was hailed as a “stunning talent… already a remarkably mature artist with a highly distinctive musical personality… He is on his way to becoming a great musician of the 21st century.”

In his CD with Odradek, Steps Through the Centuries, Yury Revich takes listeners on a musical journey back through the musical ages, exploring the vast gamit of expressive possibilities and the continuum of timbres that the instrument has inspired composers with throughout history, from mimicry of the human voice with Paganini’s technique of suonar parlante, to something verging on musique concrète of electroacoustic music. The disc features original works and arrangements, including music by Biber, Mozart, Richard Strauss, Debussy, as well as contemporary pieces by Christopher Caliendo, Wen Liu, and Benjamin Rota, all of whom dedicated their new works to Yury Revich. Yury is accompanied on this journey by Alejandro Picó-Leonís, pianist, and Olga Filippova, harpsichord, while soprano Bibiana Nwobilo makes a guest appearance for Strauss’ “Morgen”.