Mery Murúa
  • country:Argentina
  • style(s):Argentino
  • label:not signed
  • type:Solo
  • gender:female
  • instrumentation:singer songwriter, guitar
  • artist posted by:Oficina de Artistas / Puente

Line up

  • Diego Clarck (Percussion)
  • Fernando Bobarini (Bass)
  • Horacio Burgos (Guitar)
  • Mery Murúa (Voice)



Rooted to the hills of her hometown, she fuses Argentine music with rhythms from around the world, transcending international frontiers and reaching as far away as Japan.

Her mother's passion for tango and folk music ignited Mery’s passion for local rhythms. At her home in Cruz del Eje, in the northwest of Córdoba, Argentina, she was surrounded by music and music magazines, and at the age of 8 she entered the Luis Gianneo Provincial Conservatory.
Eleven years later, she won the 1995 Pre Jesus Maria contest while participating in bands with musicians from her home town, and shortly afterwards she travelled to Spain after singing the winning song in an international competition. Between 2000 and 2005 she sang tango during the high season to tourists and locals alike.
Mery approaches folk music and tango from a very personal perspective, weaving them together with sounds from around the world, and this allows her work to transcend international boundaries; one of her CDs has even been edited in Japan, where it was received with great acclaim.
Her main influences are artists like Mercedes Sosa and Juan Falú. However, since 2007 Horacio Burgos, the internationally recognized Argentine guitarist, has been her undisputed ally and companion, accompanying her with his trio, along with Fernando Bobarini on bass and Diego Clark on percussion and vocals.
Murúa has released three albums, Sal (2016), Acacia (2013) and Mery Murúa (2010).