Vivi Pozzebón (Argentina)

Vivi Pozzebón (Argentina)
Vivi Pozzebón . Ph. Ernesto Grasso
Vivi Pozz
Vivi Pozzebon


Afro Camamé
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  • country:Argentina
  • region:South America
  • style(s):Folk, Latin
  • label:Los Años Luz
  • type:Composer/Songwriter, Trio
  • gender:female
  • instrumentation:vocal, percussion, rock band
  • artist posted by:Oficina de Artistas / Puente

Line up

  • Helena Recalde (Bass)
  • Huayra Molina  (Dance Performance)
  • Joe Costas  (Guitar)
  • Vivi Pozzebón (Voz Liz, Congas, Bombo Legüero, Cajon Peruano. )


★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Winner of the Gardel Awards 2023
Best Instrumental Album - Fusion - World Music
Tamboreras Around the World Vol. 1
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
WOMEX Selection 2023
Atlantic Connections Stage

Vivi Pozzebón, recent winner of the Gardel Awards in the category Best Instrumental Album - Fusion - World Music (a shortlist that she shared with Fito Páez and Daniel Melero), is one of the most outstanding contemporary references of singing and percussion in Argentina.

A restless and innovative artist from Córdoba, she is a percussionist, singer, composer and ethnomusical researcher with 30 years of experience; has a unique way of mixing the rhythms of Argentine, Afro-Latin and world roots, creating an atmosphere of ritual and celebration charged with overflowing and contagious energy, between traditional sounds, rock, drum leather and a philosophy on the collective power of women and the dissidences to the drum.

She is one of the creators of the De Boca en Boca vocal quartet who marked a true and unexpected milestone in the musical scene of the mid-90s in Argentina. Considered one of the best female vocal formations based on ethnic music, she led the advance of singing and percussion groups in her country and Latin America. In 2002 they collaborated on the album Mundo de Rubén Blades, winner of the 2002 Grammy Awards for Best World Music Album and they opened for Blades at the National Stadium in Santiago de Chile.

She is the artistic director of the Fundación Escuela Internacional de Tamboreras through which she promotes musical training, research on African roots in the folklore of Argentina and Latin America and the study of percussion promoted by women and dissidences, from which TA! the workshops programs , RE! International Retreats in Patagonia and M! Masterclasses Online, with professional drummers from all over the world through the "Louderband'' platform. More than 7,000 women and dissidences from Argentina, Spain, Sweden and Brazil participated in the workshops and meetings.

► Discography
He has 9 released albums: VIVI POZZEBÓN: Tamboreras por el Mundo. Vol 1 (Los Años Luz, 2022), Vivir en la Tierra (Trashumante, 2015), Madre Baile (Epsa Music, 2011), Tamboorbeat (Acqua Records, 2009) / With the vocal group DE BOCA EN BOCA: Antología (Acqua Records , 2016), Después del Mar (Acqua Records, 2005), De Boca en Boca (Acqua Records, 2001) and Música de Mundos (1997) / With the Punk Queer Fantasy project PEQUEÑO BAMBI (Goza Records 2021) / With the project for children GRANDES CHICOS (1999).

Tamboreras por el Mundo Vol 1. is his latest conceptual recording material, which has the collaboration of artists and percussionists from Latin America and Spain: Yissy García (Cuba), Liliana Zavala (Argentina-Sweden), Milagros Blades (Panamá), La Melaza Candombe (Uruguay), SES (Galicia-Spain), Orito Cantora and Jenn del Tambó (Colombia).

►She shared stages with Rubén Blades, Mercedes Sosa, Lila Downs, Bomba Estéreo, Eva Quartet (Members of The Mystery of the Bulgarian Voices), Susana Baca, SÉS, Luar Na Lubre, Xabier Díaz, Amparo Sánchez, Minino Garay, Cecilia Todd, Hermeto Pascoal, León Gieco, Liliana Herrero, Jairo, Los Caligaris, La Grande, Yusa, La Bomba de Tiempo, Raly Barrionuevo, Vitale-Baglietto, among others.

►Scenarios & Showcases
2022. STUDIO THEATER [Córdoba]
2022. CAFE BERLIN [Buenos Aires]
2019. CANOS NA MARÉ. Pontevedra [Spain]
2019.JAZZ & BLUES FESTIVAL. Ceará [Brazil]
2019. MUSICANDO FESTIVAL. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria [Spain]
2018.MMVV. Mercado de la Música Viva de Vic [Spain]
2018.BOREAL FESTIVAL. Tenerife [Spain]
2017.SIM. International Music Week of Sao Paulo [Brazil]
2017.BAFIM [Buenos Aires]
2016.2012. 2010 COSQUIN FOLKLORE FESTIVAL [Argentina]
2016.AM-PM [Cuba]
2015.IMESUR [Chile]
2014.MICA 2014 [Buenos Aires]
2014.FIFBA Bosques de La Plata. [Buenos Aires]
2012.PRE-MICA CENTER. [Cordoba]
2011.MICSUR [Mar del Plata]


Vivi Pozzebón

Vivi Pozzebón (Argentina)