Chris Poole & Kasper Søeborg Duo

Chris Poole & Kasper Søeborg Duo
Chris Poole & Kasper Søeborg
Chris Poole & Kasper Søeborg
Global Accent CD


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  • country:Denmark
  • region:Scandinavia
  • style(s):Global Fusion, Roots
  • label:CP Production
  • type:Duo
  • artist posted by:Ohlsen, Kasper Søeborg

Line up

  • Chris Poole (Flute)
  • Kasper Søeborg (Guitar)


Can music sound ”green”? What does ”ecological” music sound like? Music that has grown naturally through the years? These two experienced musicians are deeply committed to sustainable living:
Scandinavian nature, an ecological house on the island of Møn and a cottage in Sweden with meetings in lively Copenhagen as well as many trips around the world from Tibet to Greenland to Venice to the Azores and El Hierro.

”The blue globe, the life of water: The music of life, rainbows and ice crystals, harmonics and the flowing mind connecting all sentient beings.”

Chris Poole & Kasper Søeborg Duo play original instrumental music for flute and guitar. Their music incorporates elements from many parts of the world, especially Spanish Flamenco but has at the same time strong Scandinavian Roots. Their music weaves different influences together into a unique personal expression. Acoustic music with an international and complex sound.

At the center of it all, is the fruitful collaboration built up over many years between the guitar player Kasper Søeborg and the flute player Chris Poole.

Read what the critics have written:
”The communication between Chris Poole and Kasper Søeborg is fantastic in its integration and mutual listening. On top of this, the tunes are chained together, with humor as well as enlightning remarks and spontaeneus verbal ”ping-pong”, that only can result in a fine experience.” (Scene1)
”They simply supplement each other well on an outstanding recording...”(Jazz Special)

“Rhythmically and tonally tantalizing....the duo wrapped their audience in an aural cocoon and held them there.”
“it’s a Winner!” about the duo's latest CD “Global Accent”, (New Jersey Jazz).
“Open horizons with Nordic roots”, review of "Global Accent" in the music magazine Gaffa:
“The CD starts lightly with Søeborg releasing his inner Paco De Lucia, and it's a real nice thing to hear. It is refreshing everytime the musical postcards are sent from Andalusia and you also can feel the vibe of the creative free island El Hierro, which both Søeborg and Kumar have as a fruitfull source. It is a CD and a univers with its own sound. Beautiful soundscapes open up and most of the way, I like the view. Check out the CD, because it has great meditative qualities and an identity that opens up more and more.” GAFFA (T. Holleufer)
Chris Poole is considered one of Denmark’s most innovative jazz flute players. She moved to Denmark from USA after completing her education at Berklee College of Music and has since performed in a number of jazz and Latin bands, composed and performed for theater, film and television. Chris Poole is included in the Groves Dictionary of Women Composers and has four CD’s and a CD-ROM out in her name besides ”Waterlights” and ”Global Accent”.

Kasper Søeborg plays music that can be characterised as modern acoustic guitar music with inspiration from Latin Ame¬rica, flamenco, jazz as well as the Spanish guitar tradition. He plays the guitar with an organic and personal quality that is a result of many years of experience with different musical styles.
Kasper Søeborg has seven other CDs available and three books with his compositions for guitar.

Visit Kasper Søeborg's web site på and Chris Poole's at
Listen to more of the duo's music on Youtube f.i. Mirage or Waterlights.