""The Indifferent"" - Kasper Søeborg & Lars Bo Kujahn "Word´n Global"

Kasper Søeborg & Lars Bo Kujahn "Word´n Global"
Kasper Søeborg & Lars Bo Kujahn "Word´n Global"



The Indifferent

New single by Kasper Søeborg & Lars Bo Kujahn

Olafssongs OSCD 039

Instrumental world music including lyrical meditations as well as explosive moments filled with energy. From Andalusian flamenco-fire over Oriental ornaments to cool Scandinavian roots - a style that Søeborg & Kujahn jokingly calls ”Scandaluzian Fusion” .

“The Indifferent” is the first single from their forthcoming album ”Word’n Global”.
The concept is music composed, and played, inspired by poems from Rumi (Jalāl ad-Dīn Rūmī, 1207-1273) and ancient 1000 years or more old Chinese poems.

“The Indifferent” is inspired by a classical Chinese poem dating from the T’ang period, 618-907,
and the music is composed by Kasper Søeborg.

Kasper Søeborg: Spanish guitar
Lars Bo Kujahn: Qanoon and percussive effects
Nantha Kumar: Tabla
Recorded in Cyborg Studio, Copenhagen, by Kasper Søeborg
Produced by Kasper Søeborg & Lars Bo Kujahn
Executive producer: Finn Olafsson
Front cover photo: Shazia Khan
Front cover layout: Torsten Olafsson

This is the first of 4 singles! In May, June, August and September a new single track
will be released digitally by Olafssongs. The Word’n Global album is scheduled to be released in
late October 2020. The album features Nantha Kumar, Shashank Subramanyam and Chris Poole.