Concert and movie at Copenhagen Dox Film Festival 2010

War Child Poster
Emmanuel Jal
Al Agami & Makadem


Emmanuel Jal
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  • artist:EMMANUEL JAL
  • event type:Concert
  • date:05 Nov 2010 - 09 Nov 2010
  • time:21:30-23:30 & 10:00-16:00
  • city/area:Copenhagen
  • venue:Grand Teatret
  • country:Denmark
  • style(s):Hip Hop, World
  • event posted by:One World


WAR CHILD by Karim Chrobog
The 16 times international award winning documentary
about Emmanuel Jal´s life will be shown at the prestigious
CPH:DOX film festival 2010

Just won Best Documentary Award at the Warsaw International Doc Film Festival

GRAND TEATRET 5th of November 21:30-23:00

After the movie, EMMANUEL JAL will be performing a
LIVE CONCERT at the cinema stage.

You can continue the night with great live music:
AL AGAMI & MAKADEM with his band from Kenya
performs an Afro Luo Hip Hop midnight concert nearby, right after.

HUSET 24:00- 01:30

On the 8th of November, a conference will be held at The Danish
Film Instituteincluding some of the most interesting personalities
on the Danish and international culture scene;

CINEMATEKET November 8th 10:00-16:00

CPH DOX film festival 2010 & One World presents:
.IT WORKS! dialogue on compassionate actions in a globalized world

Every action we take as individuals or as a society,
affects other individuals and societies.
We all share basic needs. We are all connected.
We are all human.

Humanity has always had to find solutions. The larger problems
need common actions. The sum of individual contribution results
in changes. With the central goal of respect for human rights,
protection of children and education for all, the panel guests will
present constructive tools and ideas from art, music, film, theatre,
design, the IT industry, humanitarian organizations, human rights
organizations, journalism and the education sector. How can we
inspire each other to collaborate, to think with our hearts and use
our knowledge for construction instead of destruction?

Our special guest is living proof that IT WORKS!
Former child soldier and now celebrated Hip Hop artist, actor,
author of the autobiography War Child and human rights activist
Emmanuel Jal, will give his testimony and suggestions on how to
change the world by making a difference.
At the concert celebrating Nelson Mandelas 90 years birthday Peter
Gabriel called Emmanuel Jal “An impressive musician with the
potential of a young Bob Marley!”
Jal will present his projects Gatwitch Festival and Sudanese Summit,
his foundation GUA Africa, his campaign Lose to Win and other
successful actions to increase awareness.

This day of dialogue aims to identify the cause of problems and to
suggest ideas on what can be done to increase self-sufficiency,
independence and problem solving locally through global networks.

In an open dialogue between the panel and the audience, everyone
will be able to find inspiration from each other and contribute with
ideas on what works.

Opening by Birgitte Kofod Olsen, former Vice Director of The Danish Institute of Human Rights
Moderator: Journalist and author Georg Metz

Panel guests, each with their presentation, includes:

Emmanuel Jal, Musician & Human Rights Activist
Karim Chrobog, Director of War Child
Rasmus Dinesen, Director of Diplomacy
Klavs Birkholm, Journalist, Member of The Danish Counsil of Ethics
Bent Melchior, Former Chief Rabbi of Denmark & Human Rights Activist
Jacob Holdt, Photographer and author of American Pictures
Ole Hoff-Lund, Head of press, Amnesty International
Nils Carstensen, Journalist, Senior Advisor, DanChurchAid
Hans Meier Andersen, British Council
Henrik Hartmann, directorC:NTACT /Taskforce, Actors work with racism in schools
Carolina Vallejo, Designer, Artist & Concept Developer
Kat Sekjær, Theater Screenwriter & Journalist
Al Agami, Rapper, son of Former King of Lado, Permanent refugee under the protection of the UN
Henrik Hartmann, Director C:NTACT /Taskforce: Actors work with racism in schools
Karin Aaen, Director of Communication and Advocacy, UNICEF Denmark
Makadem, Musician & Peace Activist
Mahmoud Alibadi, Artist & Activist, refugee from Saddam Hussein´s Irak
Anders Jerichow, President Danish PEN
Per Ramsdal, Youth Priest
Manyar Parwani, Film Director, Zentropa, refugee from Afghanistan
Present in Absence: Reza, National Geographic Photographer, Peace Activist

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