Midnight Concert at Copenhagen Jazzhouse

MAKADEM Sunfest 2011 front page "The London Free Press"
"Ohanglaman" CD
MAKADEM Live at Copenhagen Jazzhouse 2011


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  • artist:MAKADEM
  • event type:Concert
  • date:29 Oct 2011 - 30 Oct 2011
  • time:01:00 (after saturday midnight)
  • city/area:Copenhagen
  • venue:Copenhagen Jazzhouse
  • country:Denmark
  • style(s):Beat, Benga
  • event posted by:One World



After midnight concert with MAKADEM and many special guests, at one of Copenhagen´s finest venues, that has housed artists such as Richard Bona, Etienne Mbappé, Joe Zawinul, Paco Sery, Dawda Jobarteh, Al Agami, Alain Apaloo, Rosa Pasos, Soweto Kinch, Ulf Wakenius and NHOP, Lelo Nika (Womex Showcase 2010), the musicians of Salif Keita, to name a few.

In July 2011, Makadem performed at a full Jazzhouse, a triple concert, transforming the house into a boiling African party that lasted until 4 in the morning: 7 hours of live music, variating sets with different guests, rappers and DJ´s who has remixed Makadem´s songs.

This time, in order not to clash with the Womex showcases, the concert will be starting at 01:00 in the morning.
Makadem will perform a long set, then invite other Womex visitors on stage, including some world DJ´s.

Its gonna be hot!