Refugees Of Rap
Refugees Of Rap
Refugees Of Rap
Refugees Of Rap
Refugees Of Rap
Refugees Of Rap


by Refugees Of Rap
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  • country:Syria
  • style(s):Arabic, Hip Hop
  • label:One World Records
  • type:Band, DJ/Remixer
  • gender:male, female
  • instrumentation:vocal, electronic
  • artist posted by:One World

Line up

  • NADIN AL (Voc)


The Palestinian-Syrian pioneer Hip Hop band performed at the Opera House in Damaskus and some of the biggest festivals in Cairo, at the rise of the Revolution. But after several death threats due to their political statements, they had to escape Syria, and became once again refugees.
In danger because of their music and words, critical to their system, their government and the lack of freedom and security.
But their struggle for Human Rights did not stop, and the message gets stronger due to the sad realities.
Refugees Of Rap is made of 4 guys from Damascus, Syria. Yaser Jamous and his brother Muhammad hail from Palestine, Ahmad is from Algeria, while Muhammad Jawad Is Syrian. Despite their different backgrounds, they all felt Hip Hop music when they first heard it 1997 and it brought them together to express their own ideas through rap. Their songs talk about Social and Political Problems of young people, poverty and the new generation of revolution. They want to send their message to everyone, not just to young people a difficult job in Syria, where people don't understand rap very well. Refugees Of Rap are working on their own to change people's ideas about Hip Hop. Although they occasionally sing in English, their focus is on bringing Arabic Rap to the rest of the world. Since the group started in 2005, the guys have released two underground albums 1-Refugees Of Rap laj2e Al-Rap (2007) 2- Face 2 Face (2010) and performed in concerts all around Syria , Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, and they've performed at Opera House Damascus, Opera House in Cairo ,Al-Jalaa' Stadium, Damascus, Al-Fehaa Stadium, Damascus, at many Universities, and at Arab Cultural Centers etc. They have their own studio called "Sout Al Shaab" (The Voice Of People). They've also been featured in the media: the BBC World , The Guardian, Turkeys TV, TRT Turk , Al-An satellite channel , Al-jazera TV MBC and Syrian Channels, the FM radio in Syria, the newspaper around Syria and Middle East. So besides the music, they used the have the medias attention to pass their messages.
Finally they had to flee from Syria. The band therefor split up in March 2013, the two brothers escaped to Sweden, Ahmad to Irak, and Jawad to a yet unknown destination.
Despite the unspeakable troubles, their 3rd album is on its way to be released in 2013 and are already planning tours in Europe to advocate for Peace in Syria.