Trilitrate (Spain)

Trilitrate (Spain)


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  • country:Spain
  • region:Galicia
  • label:Ropeadope (E.E.U.U.) – Gandula (Barcelona)
  • type:Band
  • artist posted by:Pámpano, María José

Line up

  • Elena Vázquez Ledo (violin)
  • Marcos Padrón Gomez (accordion)
  • Montse Piñeiro Torres (videoartist)
  • Rubén Abad Rodríguez (guitar, vocals)


Three serious musicians having fun removing the border posts between traditional, classical, jazz, free improvisation, hardcore, post-rock and noise; Galician trio Trilitrate was formed in Vigo in 2012 by violinist Elena Vázquez, accordionist Marcos Padrón and guitarist and vocalist Rubén Abad – all classically trained but open to beauty in all its forms and eager to see to what sound-worlds their unusual line-up would take them to. It is a quest followed through three albums to date – the latest, Está de Grelo!, with the support of US indie label Ropeadope – developing audacious juxtapositions, staying one step ahead of the listener, who sometimes has to question: was that a Balkan theme? Baroque bluegrass? Classical math-metal? Ah, but now there are angels singing in Galician… oh well whatever, it's a multi-faceted musical tapestry of innovative imagination, brimming with beauty.


Trilitrate (Spain)