Photo: Yannisa GP
Credit Carlos Guerra
Shauit // PASA Musik


indigenous folk reggae
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Tshin an Nitauassim (Mon enfant en innu). Cette chanson très personnelle aborde une problématique alarmante pour les communautés autochtones : le suic
  • Tshin an nitauassim
  • Esk inniu innu
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  • country:Canada
  • region:Québec
  • style(s):Native American, Reggae
  • label:PASA Musik
  • type:Band
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:guitar
  • artist posted by:PASA Musik

Line up

  • Alain Burr (Bass)
  • Hk Hypolite (Drummeur)


Nominated twice as indigenous artist of the year for the prestigious ADISQ awards gala, Shauit sings about the plurality of the cultural mosaic of the First Nations.
Most of the time in Innu, but sometimes in french, shauit brings a music that is as festive and unifying, introspective and hypnotizing.
Originally from Maliotenam in northeastern Quebec, singer-songwriter Shauit sings in French, English and his native language (Innu). Strongly inspired by his Innu roots and traditional music, he fuses several popular genres (folk, country, rock, reggae, etc.) and offers honest, committed songs filled with emotions and personal experiences. Notable recipient of several major awards, including Best Indigenous Album at the Indigenous Music Awards in 2018, best singer-songwriter at the Folk Music Awards, and many national and international showcases. Shauit's influence and solicitations for his music continue to grow, and he finds himself even used for feature films and television series. Over the last few years, Shauit has played throughout Canada, in the United States and even in Europe, where he has conquered a loyal audience with his innovative style and mixed with the culture of his roots. He has participated, among others, at the Folk Alliance, APAP, at the Louisiana International Festival, at the Shibuya Festival showcases (Japan and Zandari Festa (Korea), in Chile last November also in Nantes, France, last March.
Shauit is a proud representative of indigenous and aboriginal culture around the world and has just returned from Morocco to make a residency with a local reggae band.