• country:North Macedonia
  • style(s):Rock, Sacred
  • label: Dallas(Slovenia),KIC(Macedonia),Project(Usa),Irond(Russia),Gorgon(Bulgari
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal
  • artist posted by:Password Production

Line up


Formed in 1983 in Macedonia, Mizar remains remembered in the collective memory as a musical phenomenon, with their authentic art concept which is recognized beyond domestic boundaries.

Their musical style is post-punk, dark wave and gothic rock. Beside influences such as Joy Division for instance, Mizar also uses elements of Traditional Macedonian folklore and Byzantine music. Many of their songs are in Church Slavonic.
Because of the band's avant-garde sound and image, its Orthodox Christian leanings and support for Macedonian self-determination, they were viewed with certain degree of suspicion by the former communist regime. Still, the group received great media attention including numerous appearances on the national television.

They achieved a status of a cult band, especially in Republic of Macedonia and across the former Yugoslavia. Music critics placed two of Mizar's albums among the five best in the history of yu-rock music and say that the band is the highest point of the development of rock music as an art form.

In the 27-years of Mizar's existence this is their fourth "revelation" (as they refer to their last albums).

The current band core consists of Gorazd Chapovski, Zoran Origjanski and Pece Kitanovski. Byzantine church-choir "Harmosini", as legally part of the last project of Mizar is represented by Risto Solunchev, Zoran Tortevski, Danail Danailov, Ivan Petkovski and Petar Georgievski.


1988 - Mizar
1991 - Svjat Dreams
2003 - Svjedodzba + Svjat Dreams
2004 - Terrible Beauty (is born) (Kobna ubavina)
2007 - A View to the Flower Garden (Pogled kon cvetnata gradina)
2010 - The Child and the White Sea (Deteto i beloto more)