A Quiet Revolution

Blockchain101 for the music industry

Manojna Yeluri by Brenda
Fabian Alsultany by photobooth!
Claire Tolan
Overview Blockchain Session by Fabian Alsultany


Chaired by Manojna Yeluri (India), Artistik License;
with Claire Tolan (USA/Germany), Resonate;
Fabian Alsultany (USA), RChain Cooperative

Decentralising control, creating transparent systems, and streamlining information – blockchain promises to do all this, and possibly more in the context of many industries, the music industry being no exception. In this session, we look into the technology and its potential impact on various facets of the industry and its stakeholders. In particular, what significance does blockchain hold for bringing the creative community closer, and remedying the problems of copyright, collections, and distribution in a creative economy that is continually struggling to find its balance between the old and the new, the traditional and the contemporary? We explore these questions from the perspectives of the artists and innovators who have been developing and working with this technology.