African Networking Session

Creation of the African artist circuit

Herman Kabubi by Truth from Africa
Eddie Hatitye by Music in Africa
Limam Monza Kane


Coordinated by Herman Kabubi (Uganda), Truth From Africa
with Eddie Hatitye (Zimbabwe/South Africa), Music In Africa Foundation; Limam Monza Kane (Mauretania), Assalamaleekoum Festival/Arterial Network

Each year, people come to WOMEX with a myriad of goals, whether it's discovering fresh content, seeking opportunities like gigs, tours, collaborations, signings, or expanding their skill set. This year's networking session takes on a deeper significance as it not only revolves around getting acquainted but also aims to chart a path for our operations within the African region. It focuses on how we can effectively collaborate with and support African artists, while also devising a circuit that enables a multitude of musicians to embark on tours and perform at various festivals, markets, concerts, and venues. This collaborative effort aims to streamline the work of agents, managers, programmers, bookers, and promoters by facilitating resource sharing and creating a more interconnected music ecosystem.