An Alternative Digital Future?

How can music communities survive in an economy run by streaming platforms?

DJ Marfox by Marta Pina
Luna Olavarria Gallegos by Sheldon Hamilton
Mathew Dryhurst by Suzy Poling
Boima Tucker by Taliesin Gilkes Bower

Chaired by Boima Tucker (USA), Africa Is a Country;

with DJ Marfox (Portugal), Principe Discos;
Luna Olavarria Gallegos (USA), Elis;
Mathew Dryhurst (UK/Germany), artist

Streaming platforms have had an undeniable impact on the lives of musicians today. From shifting financial landscapes to the need to be algorithmically legible, musicians have been forced to adapt in order to survive. Some changes have been positive—with digital tools available to any and everyone, previously marginalized music cultures have vaulted into the centre of the global music conversation.

Yet, as any artist outside of the global mainstream can tell you, it has become harder for musicians existing on the margins to sustain a career. This conference session will explore the real-world consequences of music streaming and ask a panel of experts about experimental and practical solutions to the music landscape – from a more democratic music discovery regime to alternative forms of building community both within and outside of the digital economy.