An Ecosystem Lens: Bringing the Brazilian Music Market Into Focus

Mapping the Brazilian music industry and trends for the next decade

André Bourgeois
Lu Araújo by André Henriques
Veronica Pessoa by Daniela Cucchiarelli
André Bourgeois; Lu Araújo by André Henriques; Veronica Pessoa by Daniela Cucchiarelli


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Chaired by André Bourgeois (Switzerland/Brazil), personal manager/booking agent, Urban Jungle
with Lu Araújo (Brazil/Portugal), MIMO Festival, Memories and Heritage Artes Lda;
Veronica Pessoa (Brazil/France), manager, Janela Musica e Cultura

The Brazilian music market is challenging. A country the size of a continent; a 100% digital environment; 210 million+ consumers concentrated in large cities, half of them under 30; different popular regional musical styles; and economic inequality are only some of the many characteristics to understand in this very complex cultural market. The objective of this presentation is to expose all of these particular aspects of the market by music styles and live music circuits in order to help newcomers understand the difference with the classic music ecosystem model and to adapt their strategy and business models to this huge challenging market. We will explore the streaming music services as the dominant force of recorded music, as well as the booming live music market driven by social networks, marketing strategies, messaging apps and cell phone users, along with all the new market trends for the next decade.

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