Archives: Living Heritage or History?

Utilising archives and assessing their value to a contemporary scene

Nod Knowles
Miklós Both
Mariet Calsius by (C) CEMPER
Simon McKerrell

Chaired by Nod Knowles (UK/Belgium), European Folk Network
with Miklós Both (Hungary), Hungarian Heritage House; Mariet Calsius (Belgium), CEMPER - Centre for Music and Performing Arts Heritage; Prof. Simon McKerrell (UK), Glasgow Caledonian University/European Folk Network

Across Europe (and beyond), archives and collections of traditional materials are diligently preserved with great care. The session will showcase a panel of expert archivists and contemporary traditional artists, who will be asked to provide insights on the significance and utilisation of archives.

They will discuss a series of questions, including: How can contemporary artists make use of the materials provided by archives? Are archives readily accessible to both artists and scholars? What constitutes a living archive, and how does it gather contemporary materials? Can archives of specific nations and traditions be shared among each other? In what ways can today’s promoters, festivals, and organisers engage with and make use of archive materials?