Are We Punks or Not?

© Casota Collective


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Original title: Somos Punks ou não?
Directed by Telmo Soares
Duration 20:30’ | Portuguese with English subtitles

A rock band whose members are from a cerebral palsy association. Existing for more than 25 years with weekly rehearsals, more than 200 gigs, marked by line-up changes caused by health issues, they are always dreaming of a fully-fledged action. It's about real participation and the love of music, the willpower and the need to overcome all the barriers they face.

Telmo Soares is the main director of Casota Collective that he co-founded in 2016. He has more than 40 videos for several artists under his belt. He also directed the award-winning visual album Nu and a series of short documentaries Pessoas-mapas. He is also a musician from the indie band First Breath After Coma.

Producer Hugo Ferreira is attending WOMEX in person.

Production Country, Year Portugal, 2022
Produced by Ccer Mais, Crl
Co-produced by Apcc
Producers Ccer Mais, Crl
Director of Photography Telmo Soares
Sound Rui Gaspar
Editor Manuel Gil