Artificial Intelligence in the Music Industry

Legal and ethical concerns

Sandhya Surendran
Mansoor Khan
Frank Klaffs by Florian Reischauer


Chaired by Sandhya Surendran (India), BTG Legal;
moderated by Frank Klaffs (Germany), Piranha Arts;
with Mansoor Khan (India),

As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to revolutionise industries, its impact on the music industry has been profound, introducing new creative possibilities, production techniques, and consumption patterns. However, the rapid integration of AI in music production, distribution, and consumption has given rise to a complex web of legal and ethical challenges.

This session aims to delve into the multifaceted intersection of AI and the music industry, specifically focusing on the legal and ethical considerations that emerge as AI technologies become increasingly embedded in the creative process. Moreover, the session will explore the ethical implications of AI’s role in music creation, touching upon questions about artistic authenticity, cultural preservation, and societal impacts, in addition to how artists can leverage the power of AI to enhance creativity and the advantages of ethical AI in the creative industry.