Asian Network Meeting

Strategies and challenges in creating a pan Asian music network

Umair Jaffar by Imran Babur
Kaushik Dutta
Jun-Lin Yeoh
Kutay Derin Kugay
Husniddin Ato


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Coordinated by Kaushik Dutta (India), chairman, MusiConnect Asia; ceo, Song of Soul & SOS Productions
and Umair Jaffar (Pakistan/Canada), executive director, Small World Music

with Jun-Lin Yeoh (Malaysia), artistic director, Rainforest World Music Festival;
Husniddin Ato (Uzbekistan), director, Oxos Culture;
Kutay Derin Kugay (Turkey), music programmer, Açık Radyo;
Lama Hazboun (Jordan), producer

This session highlights the initiatives that aim to bring together Asian music markets and professionals. The panel will share highlights from projects such as MusicConnect Asia, the first ever Asia Music Summit that took place online in July 2020 and brought together 150 delegates and 45 speakers representing 24 countries from across Asia and more. The session will also share the strategies that have gone into making these colossal collaborations work and open the discussion to the audiences/ experts in the “room" to encourage exchange of practical ideas/ strategies that can be incorporated to strengthen Pan Asian networks.

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