Asian Networking Session

Building a sustainable network for Asian artists

Kaushik Dutta by B&W
Peiti Huang
Junghun Lee by B&W


Coordinated by Kaushik Dutta (India/Jordan), MusiConnect Asia
with Peiti Huang (Taiwan), Wind Music International Corporation; Jung Hun Lee (South Korea), Gwangju Busking World Cup

The survival of art hinges on the well-being and resilience of the artists themselves. Challenges arise from financial instability caused by self-employment and the elusive nature of defining "success", leading musicians to question whether their passion can be considered a "career". This predicament not only affects individual artists but also hinders global access to adequate well-being support within the music community. Musicians must recognize that the actions they take today shape the future. They must adapt, evolve, and embrace change to thrive in an ever-changing landscape. As a platform, it is our responsibility to act as a catalyst and ignite sustainable opportunities. In this session, we will shed light on the existing avenues available for artists in the vibrant and diverse Asian market, emphasizing the importance of forging lasting connections that foster sustainability.