Associated Presentation: For Artistic Freedom

Transcending Boundaries with the Global Action Network and Digital Toolkit

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Sverre Pedersen by Sverre Pedersen
Paige Collings by Paige Collings


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  • event type:WOMEX 20 Conference Session
  • date:24 Oct 2020
  • time:12:00 - 13:00
  • venue:Online Event
  • event posted by:Piranha Arts


Chaired by Sverre Pedersen (Norway), advocacy and campaigns manager, Freemuse
with Paige Collings (UK/Denmark), advocacy and campaigns officer, Freemuse;

Arts and culture have a socially constructive power.

In this session at WOMEX 20, Freemuse will introduce the Global Action Network for Artistic Freedom (GAN) where artists, civil society organisations and individuals can build their own networks to share their expressions and generate solidarity across the globe. The GAN allows for participation in artist campaigns, the sharing of information on restrictive legislation, and the fostering of an online community to ensure that individuals expressing themselves creatively and politically do not feel alone.

The session will also connect artists, organisations and social media platforms on the issue of censorship and harassment of artists and the suggested ways of mitigating the imperatively negative impact on artists through the Freemuse Digital Toolkit.