Aurora by Clara Cardona


Aurora’s fresh interpretations of the songs of Manuel de Falla, Federico García Lorca and Felip Pedrell, fuse jazz, rock and flamenco with energy and skill, driven by pianist Max Villavecchia, electric bassist Javier Garrabella and drummer Joan Carles Marí, fronted by the voice of acclaimed young cantor, Pere Martinez and the dynamic dance of Jose Manuel Álvarez.

The group emerged from Barcelona’s Taller de Músics institute, and what began as a one-off project quickly gathered momentum, turning into an ongoing exploratory journey into new frontiers of flamenco. Their self-titled debut album was named as one of the ten best Flamenco albums of 2017 by Flamenca y Más magazine and has spawned invitations to festivals in Hungary, Canada and across Spain. Aurora now find themselves at the vanguard of a new generation of contemporary flamenco innovators.

Pere Martínez - vocals
Max Villavecchia - piano
Javier Garrabella - bass
Joan Carles Marí - drums
José Manuel Álvarez -dancer