Brexit Re-loaded

An updated fully fact-checked guide for now Brexit impacts and solutions

Ian Smith
Reanne Leuning


Chaired by Ian Smith (UK/Austria), Frusion / Fizzion / Ukeartswork

with Reanne Leuning (Netherlands/Austria), Advantage Austria;
and contributions of Mark Ringwood (UK), WemsFest; Simon Glinn (UK), Gigs Might Fly

Freedom of movement within creative arts was already an existing problem. However, compounded by the effects of COVID-19 and now Brexit, the gap has increased. There are even more legal issues for professionals working in and outside of the UK and EU. Differences exist on work status, carnets and the effects of legislation on movement of instruments via cities plus cabotage and carnets (and exemptions).

Potential impacts of tax policy paint a very complex picture impacting current and future opportunities. Whatever policies are passed between the U.K. and E.U., artists and projects constantly suffer the loss of work due to uncertainty and a long lead-in time for the arts industry, impacting thousands of operators.

This session reaches out to all music professionals, especially promoters whose booking decisions are influenced by uncertainty about costs, access to labour markets and more.