Climate Change and Music

Less talk, more music, more action

Keron Niles by Kibwe Brathwaite
Becky Hazlewood by Sirli Raitma
Anna Johnson
Horst Weidenmüller by Jorinde Gersina


Conference Session 5
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Chaired by Keron Niles (Trinidad & Tobago), The University of the West Indies;

with Becky Hazlewood (UK/Portugal), Julie's Bicycle;
Anna Johnson (UK), Involved Group;
Horst Weidenmüller (Germany), !K7 Music

Small Island Developing States (SIDS) and other climate-vulnerable nations, are at the forefront of the climate emergency. For many of these localities, climate change poses an existential threat to present and future generations. This conference session will focus on how music can serve to give a voice to those on the front lines of the climate emergency. The panel will also focus on practical and tangible steps that can be taken by the music industry to mitigate and help people adapt to climate change.