Colombia at WOMEX

10 years anniversary

Luisa Piñeros
Alfredo Caxaj by Barbara Taylor
Catalina Ceballos
Mauricio Galeano


Chaired by Luisa Piñeros (Colombia), Radio Nacional de Colombia;

with Mauricio Galeano (Colombia), The District Institute of Arts;
Alfredo Caxaj (Guatemala/Canada), Sunfest;
Catalina Ceballos Carriazo (Colombia), Ministry of Culture of Colombia

Colombia, standing as the country of diversity, is the land of a hundred rhythms and music genres, resonating from its immense territory. As a country, we embody music and creativity. We invite you to know and learn how we have managed to strengthen our position as a worldwide leader with everything that makes us a creative country: our cities our festivals, our musicians, our stages.

Our meeting is for all of you who want to learn and get to know closely the actions that have been carried out in Colombia in the last 10 years with an internationalisation strategy that has been able to position Colombia as a place to live its whole culture. We want to deepen our dialogue with the world and open the doors which will take our music further and, meanwhile, be a country welcoming all the world's music. We are Colombia, the country of music.