Conversation Between Ian Brennan and Chris Eckman

Grammy-award winning producer & Glitterbeat Records founder in conversation

Ian Brennan by Marilena Umuhoza Delli
Chris Eckman By Jaka Babnik
Brennan and Eckman


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Chaired by Ian Brennan (USA/Italy), music producer and author, Ian Brennan

with Chris Eckman (USA/Slovenia), co-owner/manager, Glitterbeat Records

Brennan and Eckman will discuss Brennan's latest and sixth book, ‘Silenced by Sound: the Music Meritorcy Myth’, as well as Glitterbeat's ‘Hidden Music’ series for which Brennan has produced six albums. The focus will be on the battle for democracy and equitable representation internationally in the arts.
Related to the projects, a short film and photos from Italian-Rwandan filmmaker and photographer, Marilena Umuhoza Delli, will be shown.

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