Cooperation In Times Of Climate Change

The music industry facing environmental challenges

Gwendolenn Sharp
Amitava Bhattacharya
Martyna Markowska by Eric van Nieuwland
Natalia Oszkó-Jakab by Kelemen Gergely


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Chaired by Gwendolenn Sharp (France), founder/coordinator, The Green Room

with Amitava Bhattacharya (India), founder & director, banglanatak dot com;
Martyna Markowska (Poland), head of programming, Katowice City of Gardens;
Natalia Oszkó-Jakab (Hungary), director, Valley of Arts Festival, Kerekdomb Festival, Orvenyeshegy Festival, Startup Safari Budapest, City Events

In times of complex challenges and growing environmental instability, how can the different actors within the global music ecosystem contribute to a greener industry? How can we minimise our footprint while increasing positive social impact?

This session will focus on detailed case studies and serve as inspiration for building arguments and sharing narratives that make clear the importance of music in the fight against climate change. An open discussion with the participants will address whether, and how, the industry can be organised in a way that is fair to the climate. From touring to the role of networks, from festivals to production and sustainable music tourism, taking into account the variety of context and local realities, explore stories of people challenging the dominant norm and practices that are often out of sync with our commitment to change-making.