Current State of Green Touring:

Towards a ‘deeper’ mobility?

Martyna Markowska by Eric Van Nieuwland
Maria Clara Espinel
Naïssam Jalal by Seka
Gwendolenn Sharp by Yann Tambour

Chaired by Gwendolenn Sharp (France), The Green Room

with Maria Clara Espinel (Colombia), MCE Entertainment / La Chiva Gantiva / Si Asbl;
Naïssam Jalal (France/Syria), artist;
Martyna Markowska (Poland), Katowice City of Gardens

What concrete actions can be taken to combine climate action and touring while considering the variety of context and local realities? How do we make sure we fully integrate a more sustainable way of touring in the post-Covid period?

This session will briefly introduce the current challenges and the state of 'green touring'. Then, together with our speakers and participants, we will explore the notion of 'deep mobility' to engage in more prolonged collaborations with local audiences, which goes hand in hand with environmental concerns. Finally, we will feature a range of initiatives, top tips and inspiring stories helping to ensure that we, as an industry, can work within the carbon emission limits necessary to ensure a sustainable future, in line with scientific guidance.