Documenting Music Traditions on Film

Film Talk

Chaired by Luca Jacob (Germany), Piranha Arts; with Mehdi Aminian (Iran/Austria), Roots Revival; Kristina Angelova (Bulgaria), Flying Nomads; Ganna Gryniva (Ukraine/Germany)

Documenting traditions and heritage is a complex task, and much has changed since the times of Béla Bartók and Alan Lomax. How can we capture the ephemeral nature of – often oral only – traditions and heritage on film in 2023? What are the ethical aspects of capturing traditions and presenting these to the wider public? What experiences have our panellists encountered when documenting traditional cultures and musical heritage around the globe?

This film talk will welcome: jazz singer Ganna Gryniva, who travelled from Germany to Ukraine to follow her roots and unveil the magic of the old Ukrainian folk songs and turn them into her own music style (watch her film Spivanka in our Film Library); Bulgarian musician and visual artist Kristina Angelova, who captured ancient masquerade games in the Rhodope mountains of Bulgaria in her film Bear to Play (see Film Library); and composer and ethnomusicologist Mehdi Aminian, who researches the singing cultures surrounding the process of carpet weaving in Iran, which he also captured in his film Woven Sounds (see Film Library).