Dorival Caymmi

The Sounds of Life

© Daniela Broitman
© Daniela Broitman
© Daniela Broitman
Director: Daniela Broitman


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  • event type:Film
  • date:27 Jan 2021 - 31 Jan 2021
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  • venue:Online
  • country:Germany
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Directed by Daniela Broitman
93 mins | Brazil, 2019 | Portuguese with English subtitles

The film takes us on a passionate journey into the universe of the composer and singer Dorival Caymmi, who revolutionised songwriting in Brazil, leading the way to the Bossa Nova and Tropicália movements and contributing to making Brazilian music popular worldwide. The film is based on an unreleased interview (in which Dorival Caymmi seduces us with improvised performances) and wanders through the universe of Bahia’s fishermen, African-rooted references and love stories. With testimonies by Caetano Veloso and Gilberto Gil, among others.

São Paulo native and Guggenheim fellow, Daniela Broitman is an independent filmmaker, with a Masters from UC Berkeley. She worked in Brazil's leading newspapers Folha de S. Paulo and O Estado de S. Paulo, where she received an Esso Award - Brazil's most prestigious journalism prize. Founder of production company Videoforum Filmes, Broitman has written, produced and directed documentary films for theatrical release and television. Over the last years, she co-produced documentaries with Frontline World (PBS TV), taught film courses, and worked on international productions. She is also the director, producer and scriptwriter of the film Marcelo Yuka no Caminho das Setas (Marcelo Yuka: Follow the Signs). Broitman is on the Board of Directors of the Brazilian Association of Filmmakers.

Produced by Daniela Broitman
Director of Photography Reynaldo Zangrandi & Jacques Cheuiche
Sound Edson Secco
Editor Jordana Berg
Music by Dorival Caymmi
Artists Involved Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil, Tom Jobim and Carmen Miranda
Film Contact Daniela Broitman

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