Duarte (Portugal)


Duarte grew up in the village of Arraiolos and started singing fado at age 7. As a teenager he turned to rock music but in 1997 dedicated himself again to fado, researching traditional lyrics and melodies, also beginning to write his own songs, studying guitar and piano, while writing his degree in clinical psychology. In 2004 he released his first record. Fados Meus, and began to sing at the venerable Senhor Vinho restaurant. In 2006 he won a Revelation Prize given by the Amália Rodrigues Foundation. Since then he has been balancing consecutive successful careers as a psychologist and fado singer and lyricist. How does he manage it? "I'm married to psychology but fado is my mistress", he confesses, “and in any adulterous relationship, you have to juggle your agenda and expect to sleep less”.