Education Networking Session

Meeting place for anyone with an interest in music education

Dan Somogyi


Coordinated by Dan Somogyi (UK), SoundStorm/Lighthouse, Poole

The Education Network serves as an inclusive platform within WOMEX, catering to delegates with a keen interest in education at various levels, including schools, communities, and higher education. It aims to connect like-minded individuals who share a passion for education but may not know where to find others with similar interests. This networking session provides a valuable opportunity to forge new partnerships and initiate collaborative projects. Each participant will have the chance to introduce themselves, share their background, and specify the types of partners they are seeking. The session will then transition into informal discussions, allowing conversations to naturally unfold among participants. If you want to find other delegates with an interest in education, at all levels, this is the network for you.

Previous years have witnessed the emergence of fruitful partnerships, affirming the growing significance of education within the WOMEX agenda.