EU Funding For Music

A new start in 2021

Katharina Weinert by Endre Lohne
Sara Machado
Sara Brandão
Katharina Weinert by Endre Lohne, Sara Brandão, Sara Machado


Chaired by Katharina Weinert (Germany), European Music Council;

with Sara Brandão (Portugal), INOVA+ - Innovation Services;
Sara Machado (Germany/Portugal), Creative Europe Desk Portugal

2021 marks the beginning of a new generation of EU funding programmes. Creative Europe has their biggest-ever budget, but what other opportunities are out there beyond them? What will be some of the main objectives and topics addressed through EU funding programmes? How will big challenges like COVID-19, climate change, gender equality or digitisation be addressed in the future?

This conference session will introduce new funding opportunities for the music sector, give practical advice, provide insights on the ongoing EU funded projects, and exchange information about building international cooperation in the music sector through EU funding.