Evritiki Zygia


Evritiki Zygia by Adamantios Kefetizis
Evritiki Zygia by Adamantios Kefetizis


Wielding bagpipes, lyre, kaval, davul, accordion and a Farfisa organ, Evritiki Zygia comprises five friends from Evros, in the north-eastern corner of Greece, dedicated to sharing their passion for traditional Thracian music and giving you a good time in the process.
Drawing on a repertoire with roots that claim a mythical connection to Orpheus, they have been inspiring outbreaks of intuitive circle-dancing and free-form celebratory self-expression at festivals and functions at home and abroad for over ten years.

The ensemble was formed by Alexis Partinoudis, one of the leading experts on the Thracian lyre with many recordings and international performances to his name, and three young virtuosi of the ancient instruments, later joined by their sound engineer, adding the accordion and organ to expand upon the intrinsic psychedelic trance qualities of Thracian music.

Spyros Stratos - bagpipe
Alexios Partinoudis - Thracian lyre
Stratis Passopoulos - vocals, kaval
Aggelos Stratos davul - percussion
Yiorgos Drikoudis - Farfisa Organ, accordion