Exploring Indigenous Languages

Creating meaningful spaces for Indigenous languages on world stages

Eluned Haf
Gareth Bonello
Leela Gilday by Pat Kane
Peta Si'ulepa by MCF

Chaired by Eluned Haf (UK), Wales Arts International;
with Dr. Gareth Bonello (UK), The Gentle Good/Khasi-Cymru Collective; Leela Gilday (Canada), Diva Sound Records; Peta Si'ulepa (New Zealand/American Samoa), Samoana Jazz & Arts Festival;

This session will consider the importance and challenges of releasing work in Indigenous languages. At a difficult time for Indigenous languages around the world, how do artists speaking larger Indigenous languages, such as Welsh and other Celtic languages, show up as allies to minority groups?

The panellists will discuss experiences of travelling and performing/presenting music in Indigenous and minority languages, addressing if and how international showcases can be safe spaces for Indigenous languages, culture, and music.