FRA! (Ghana)

Fra! (Ghana)


In the Ghanaian Akan language, 'fra' means 'mix', which is not only an analogous representation of the elements of fusion found in this band's music but also, as their imperative moniker, it means: get together and, after their musical motto, happy yourself! And that comes easily with their high-energy mix of original songs weaving together surprising skeins of Afrobeat, Highlife, soul, funk, jazz-fusion and rock grooves, suffused with impressive playing and seamless vocal harmonies, which in 2019 won them Casa Africa's Vis-a-Vis project, leading to a tour of Spain with appearances at major festivals including Etnosur, Pirineos Sur and Canarias Jazz Festival. Music in Africa magazine hailed them as the show-stealers of the 2020 Sauti Za Busara festival in Zanzibar, for which they also composed that year's festival theme song. Be like Fra! and happy yourself today.